Frequently Asked Questions


Will my photo session be in a studio? No.  All portrait sessions take place on location.  I want to your photos to be natural and relaxed and have as much personal meaning as possible, therefore we’ll discuss locations that are special to you and that compliment the feeling and style you want your portraits to show.

Can I bring different outfits to change into? Yes, you can bring one to three different outfits.  Remember that you’ll need a place to change, and if we’re in a remote area, the back seat of your car might have to do!

Can I bring props to my photo session? Absolutely!  Bring your flute, football, baseball mitt, ballet shoes, whatever has a special meaning to you that you want in your photos, bring it!  Families with small children (or big children), go ahead and bring that Buzz Lightyear toy or favorite stuffed animal.  Remember, these photos are about YOU.  (And for small children, having personal objects often helps get rid of nerves and shyness).

Can I bring my pet to my photo session? Yes, absolutely!  In fact, please do!  I’ve got two furry friends myself, so I know what an important member of your family your pet is.

If I’m having portraits taken of my dog, does he/she need to be on a leash?  It depends on whether we’re trying to achieve formal portraits or if we’re going for total candid moments.  For formal portraits, if your dog is very well behaved and able to sit still for a good amount of time without a leash (about 10 seconds at a time), then it’s fine – and in fact I prefer it – for him/her to be off-leash.  If not, your dog should be on a leash and we’ll work with him/her to get as many “stay still” shots as we can.  For candid photos, your dog should be off-leash so we can capture all the silly, joyous doggie moments that may occur – and those are sometimes the best!!  Typically I will capture both “formal” portraits as well as candid shots during the photo session.


How long will it take to get my photos? I’ll contact you 2-3 weeks after your photo shoot to schedule your viewing and ordering session.  The viewing/ordering session takes place in your home and you are shown all the portraits along with samples of my product line.  You should plan on making photo choices and placing your order at this session.  Most orders take 2-3 weeks to arrive, and I will personally deliver them to you.  So all in total, it takes 4-6 weeks.  Keep this in mind when thinking about dates for your photo shoot, especially around the holidays!

Do I have to order the same photo/pose for all my prints? Definitely not.  Each print can be an entirely different picture.  The one exception is a sheet of wallets.  Wallets come 8 to a sheet, and all 8 wallets on that sheet must be the same picture.  However if you order two sheets of wallets, for the second sheet you can pick a different picture (i.e. one sheet = one pose, two sheets = two poses, three sheets = three poses, etc.).

What is the difference between a Facebook JPEG and a Digital Archive? A Digital Archive is a high resolution, large JPEG file of a single photo.  Digital Archives are fully edited and come with a reproduction license.  This means you can use the photo for any personal needs, such as for your Christmas cards, posting online, and making as many prints as you want in whatever sizes from the photo lab of your choice.  When you purchase a Digital Archive, you are purchasing the rights to reproduce the image.  Facebook JPEGs, however, do NOT come with a reproduction license and CANNOT be printed or used for Christmas cards, etc.  A Facebook JPEG is a low resolution, small JPEG file of a single photo.  Facebook JPEGs are intended for use on Facebook and other social media only.  They have a watermark that cannot be removed under any circumstances.  If you know you will need to use an image for several different purposes, including getting prints made of the image, you should purchase the Digital Archive of that image.

Does my session fee include a CD of all the images from the photo shoot?  No, your session fee does not include a CD of all the images.  Digital images may be purchased individually and in collections as either Digital Archives or Facebook JPEGs.