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England [Epic Birthday!] Part 2

On the second day of my epic trip to England, we went to Hampton Court Palace.  I don’t even know what to write about this place.  Too much history resides in it than I could possibly convey here in any efficient, yet meaningful, fashion, so I won’t bother trying.  I’ll just point out a few […]

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Taking a Breath

Pull up a chair and allow me to vent your ears off (hey, I warned you).  I’ve been so busy lately at home and work the past few weeks!  Yesterday I hit a fairly high point of stress (my husband can vouch for that!) so I decided tonight I would take some time for myself […]

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Love Is:

Love is: Innocence.  Children can be such wonderful reminders of goodness and simplicity and that beautiful thing called imagination.  While wandering the Great Fountain Garden at Hampton Court Palace (and admiring the splendor and grandness of it all!), I noticed a family gazing out over the Long Water towards the Jubilee Fountain (more about all this […]

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